Facility Usage

Facilities Use Guidelines

The primary use of church facilities is to support our church programs. Rooms and the sanctuary may be rented by outside organizations upon availability by making an application to the Facilities Board. Please review our Facilities Use Guidelines and download an Application for Building Use for more information.
If you are a member of Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church and you are interested in being married at our Church, please email Dr. Jim Gordon at jgordon@pineridge.org for information.

Facility Guidelines

Please read the Facility Guidelines in its entirety. If you have any question please contact the church at (816) 741-5118


  • The primary use of church facilities is to support the church program.
  • All Scheduled Use of the facilities shall be listed on the Facilities Use Calendar which shall be posted in the church office.
  • Normal scheduled meetings and activities of the Church shall be listed on the Facilities Use Calendar as soon as practicable by contacting the church secretary.
  • Unscheduled meetings of the church may make use of any unscheduled facilities at any time.
  • Other uses of Church facilities may be scheduled by making application for use of Pine Ridge facilities, not less than 35 days prior to the requested date.  A form for such application shall be available in the church office.
  • All use of the sanctuary shall be approved only with the consent of the Worship Committee.
  • Special need for use may be approved by the chairman of the facilities committee or the minister of the church at any time.


  • The committee chairman or church member scheduling a meeting shall be the Responsible Person for their meeting.
  • The Responsible Person for any use of facilities accepts responsibility for:
  • Members of their group
  • Furniture and equipment placement and return
  • Lights, and use of heating / cooling equipment and reset after the meeting
  • Trash removal
  • The last user each evening shall also be responsible to that all exterior doors are locked and hall and restroom lights are off
  • Any problems or damage shall be reported to the office staff as soon as practicable.  It is very important to report any physical injury
  • Notify a member of the Facilities Board immediately in the event of any emergency condition i.e. plumbing leak, broken glass, running water, etc...
  • Any use of facilities by a non-member group shall require a member of the church to be the Responsible Person.  Signature of the Responsible Person is required on the Application for Use Form.

Priority of Use (starting with highest priority)

  1. Programs of the church
  2. Meetings of the church
  3. Scouts and other church sponsored organizations
  4. Meetings of church members
  5. Community meetings
  6. Nonprofit group meetings
  7. Other

Fees for Use
Community meetings, nonprofit group meetings and other meetings or use of Pine Ridge facilities shall refer to this fee schedule for fee guidelines.  Facilities Committee may modify fees to suit special needs.
Meetings $1.00 per person for first 3 hours and $.25 per hour per person thereafter with a minimum charge of $50.00.

  • Meetings which include food service shall be catered by a professional caterer approved by the Facilities board.  The fee for use shall be $4.00 per person for 3 hours and $.25 per person per hour thereafter.  Caterer or person making request for facilities use shall pay a $250.00 deposit to be refunded within 30 days after the meeting less any costs of repair or cleaning.
  • Church audiovisual equipment is not available for use of nonmember groups.  All other use of audiovisual equipment must be scheduled through the Director of Christian Education.
  • All nonmember groups shall be required to provide certificate of liability insurance.

Use of Church Equipment

  • All use of church equipment shall conform to the Priority of Use paragraph above.
  • Equipment of the church shall be stored in designated storage areas and shall be returned to the normal storage area after use.  Equipment of the church is to be used for the reasonable intended purpose of the equipment.
  • Any use of church equipment away from church premises shall require the approval of the Facilities Board.  Facilities Board shall require reasonable advanced notice in writing to research and respond to such requests.
  • Facilities Board may identify certain equipment that is available for members to borrow.