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Jim Gordon Please enjoy our Pastor's Blog, "It's Not What you Think." The purpose of Jim's blog is to give a glimpse of what he'll be preaching about on the upcoming Sunday. Jim does a great job of bringing the gospel into issues that we deal with in today's society - hense, "It's not what you think!" Please feel free to log on to our Facebook page to comment on Jim's Blog! (

The Son of Man

Please enjoy Jim's Blog for this week!

Praise be to God

Please enjoy Jim's blog for this week!  See you Sunday!

Upcoming Presbytery Meeting - Please read.

“The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), in recent decisions on ordination and same-gender marriage, is attempting to map a challenging way forward. We have decided not to declare as a denomination whether same-gender sexual relationships are to be regarded as faithful and holy.

Let's plant trees!

Saturday is going to be a beautiful day and a great day to work outside.

I read the other day that this is the perfect time of year to plant trees.

So, Saturday will be the perfect opportunity to plant trees, and do I have a deal for you!


I have an old t-shirt I got over ten years ago from a give away at the Royals game.  The shirt simply says, “Believe!”

I must admit that it has been hard to believe through all of the ups and downs (and there have been a lot of downs) the team has experienced in the last decade.

Death Cafe' - Zona Rosa



Please enjoy Jim's blog for this week.  See you Sunday!

The Vinedresser's Notebook

I have just finished reading a great little book entitled, The Vinedresser’s Notebook, by my good friend, Sister Judy Sutera, who is a longtime member of the Mt St.

Life as a Dog

I have been taking some time off this month.  Marcia’s sister and our brother-in-law recently bought a lake home on the Lake of the Ozarks.  They have been gracious enough to invite us down this summer on a couple of occasions.  What a beautiful place!  It has a large shaded dec