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Let's plant trees!

Saturday is going to be a beautiful day and a great day to work outside.

I read the other day that this is the perfect time of year to plant trees.

So, Saturday will be the perfect opportunity to plant trees, and do I have a deal for you!


I have an old t-shirt I got over ten years ago from a give away at the Royals game.  The shirt simply says, “Believe!”

I must admit that it has been hard to believe through all of the ups and downs (and there have been a lot of downs) the team has experienced in the last decade.

Death Cafe' - Zona Rosa



Please enjoy Jim's blog for this week.  See you Sunday!

The Vinedresser's Notebook

I have just finished reading a great little book entitled, The Vinedresser’s Notebook, by my good friend, Sister Judy Sutera, who is a longtime member of the Mt St.

Life as a Dog

I have been taking some time off this month.  Marcia’s sister and our brother-in-law recently bought a lake home on the Lake of the Ozarks.  They have been gracious enough to invite us down this summer on a couple of occasions.  What a beautiful place!  It has a large shaded dec

Jacob Wrestling with God

Please enjoy Jim's blog for the week.  See you Sunday!

Who is God? #2

I thought this was really interesting and wanted to share it.  Last week I asked you to think about “who God is” to you.  Richard Rohr offers some thoughts about how Jesus thought about God and used the Hebrew scriptures in portraying this God.

Who is God?

Who is God?  How would you describe God?  Richard Rohr offers some thoughts.