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Jim Gordon Please enjoy our Pastor's Blog, "It's Not What you Think." The purpose of Jim's blog is to give a glimpse of what he'll be preaching about on the upcoming Sunday. Jim does a great job of bringing the gospel into issues that we deal with in today's society - hense, "It's not what you think!" Please feel free to log on to our Facebook page to comment on Jim's Blog! (

Bill Collectors

Marcia and I  got a nasty call from a bill collection agency the other night demanding immediate payment for something we thought we had taken care of months ago.  The amount in question was $123.55, but from the tone of the caller you would have thought it represented the natio


Dear Church Family - 

I hope you plan to come to the Kick off for the Capital Campaign this Sunday at 12:15 in the Fellowship Hall at the church.

What are you waiting for

Sorry I’m late getting this out, but I have spent a lot of time in waiting rooms this past week—annual physical, annual eye exam, routine lab work.  I’m happy to report everything is great and that I can put off more waiting rooms for the foreseeable future.

Generosity is good for your brain

It is official, generosity is good for your brain.

I read a really interesting article that reports that scientist have identified several measurable health benefits from generosity—lower blood pressure, lower risk of dementia, hearth health, and etc. 

Who doesn't like pancakes?

I thought Sunday August 16 was great.  That was the day we celebrated our ministry of education to all ages.

I am a heretic.

Please enjoy Jim's blog for this week. See you Sunday!

I am a heretic.

I have been a closet heretic for a long time, but since I am on vacation I feel safe saying it out loud and then leaving town!

A Child's Perspective

Last Friday morning I followed the news closely about the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same sex marriage in all 50 states.  I first thought I needed to rush to make some kind of statement, but instead I went to the Vacation Bible School closing program.

God is LOVE

The very first thing I say at weddings after the bride and groom are down the aisle is, “God is love, and those who abide in God, abide in love, you may be seated.”

"Never Again"

I heard on the radio this morning that 70 years ago today American GI’s liberated the concentration camp in Dachau, Germany, at the end of WWII. 


Welcome, Buzzy!

It is official, our new Associate Pastor for Discipleship is Eileen “Buzzy” LeCluyse!  She begins her ministry with us June 1 and will be ordained June 14 at Pine Ridge.