Dear friends,

As you drive down the street you will pass any number of church buildings.  Finding just any church is not difficult, but finding the right church can be daunting.  Finding "the" church where you and your family will feel at home, where you will find friends and a church "family", and where you will know God is present, can seem an impossible challenge.

It takes courage to walk into a church for the first time, wondering if you will easily find where to go and when the worship begins.  Will anyone notice you are there?  Will anyone care?  Will you like the music?  Do they have good programs for your kids?  Will the coffee be any good?

To be totally honest, I first came to Pine Ridge several years ago because I felt called by God to be the pastor. I will also be honest in saying that it has become a very important place for me to be with my family. What I did not know was how important Pine Ridge would become for me as a husband and father, as well as a pastor.
As a pastor I am very proud of this church, which is committed to providing a welcoming place for people to worship, serve and reach out together.  Our beautiful sanctuary is a symbol of our commitment to honoring God and to reaching out to the community.  I continue to feel called to be the pastor here at Pine Ridge.
As a husband and father I am very grateful for the community of the church that embraces old and young alike and has helped my wife and I to raise our children to be faithful, friendly and funny young adults.

Pine Ridge is not the right church for everyone, but we are a church that is ready to welcome anyone who is searching for a spiritual home.  We've even taken some of the anxiety out of coming to visit us by staffing a Welcome Center right outside our sanctuary where you can pick up a welcome bag full of information, ask questions about worship or Sunday School, get directions to our classrooms, fellowship hall, or even to our Holy Grounds Café for a cup of coffee and donut.  We invite you to come for a visit and see first-hand what kind of church we are, a church home with room for you.

Peace +

Jim Gordon, Senior Pastor